Preparation for Sessions. 

Being prepard for your session is something that is very important, and something that you need to take the initive to make happen. 

Listed below are my suggestions.


When you have your session, you are actually paying for my time to facilitate the best possible session I can do for you. After facilitating hundreds of sessions I can honestly say, the best ones are from those who learn to quite the mind, do the White Light Meditaitons,(to become familiar with my voice) and come to the session with an OPEN mind. 

Every session is exactly how it is meant to be. Every session teaches you things about yourself and in every session YOUR higherself is controling it. 

 Remote Sessions 

  • Have good working up to date equiptment. Lap top, or Ipad, Microphone and camera. Make sure your device actually allows you to have sound,and plug in headphones. Trust me, I have seen it all.

  • Please make sure equiptment is Working, PRIOR to coming on line for your session. 

  • I will allot only  20 minutes of time,  to make sure we have good sound and camera view. If it is not working correctily, I will end the session and you will need to reschedule


  • do the White Light Body Scan Healing Meditation in the weeks prior to your session. I never book for the next day, I give you time to be ready. The angels connect long before the session, so this part is important.

  • It takes time for the angels to raise your frequency enough to hold their energy. 

  • Eat light food the day before and the day of your session. 

  • Drink enough water...but DON'T overdo it. 

  • Make sure you have a quiet PRIVATE space to have your session. 

  • Make sure pets will not bother you, and there will be no interruptions. 

  • You need to be able to RELAX so a quiet place is manditory. 


  • up to 20 questions about your own concerns. NOT about others. This is your session for healing and we need to get to the bottom of your health concerns. Remember this session is to help you heal, emotionally and physically. 

  • All questions may not be asked, or answered. Expect this. You may get other information that the angels feel is more important for your growth and situation. 

  • Be open to what ever comes through in your session and the things you experience. 

  • Every Session is exactly how it should be.  

  • Be prepared to allow your higherself to come through and use your voice.I will explain this more during our chat before your session. 

  • Make your session count!

  • Be as prepared as you possibly can be. Your collective needs to see your willingness to help yourself, or they will not show up.  

If you have questions, please contact me for more infomation with the form or directly to my email below. 

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