About Your In-Depth Personal Reading​​

  • Readings are done from a distance without you being present. 

  • Let me know the main concern so I can allow the collective to bring through your answers. 

  • You will receive a full recording of your reading by email. (Under the Private Session Recordings Tab) 

  •   I pass along all messages that come through for you. Average length is 30 -35 minutes.

  • Accurate, life changing information is brought forward for your spiritual growth.​

  • Clients have noted both emotional and physical healing after a reading

  • NEW if guided by the collective you may receive a Body Scan also. 

  • -The collective has started speaking directly to you at times in the reading. I tend to pause to let it come through and there will be times of complete silence. 

Your Cost: $130    Crypto Payments are $125 USD Equivalent 

Please Note: I am open to receiving Crypto Currency. Crypto Payments are $125 USD 

You will need to state this in an email and we can make arrangements. 

I accept META 1 Coin - BTC, LTC and ETH