What to Expect with Your Session

Due to limited time for QSessions, please contact Suzanne FIRST prior to making a payment to discuss date options.  

Qshi Sessions

Remote Sessions Only

  • Investment - $400

  • 4 hours

  • Powerful sessions but there is no guarantee you will connect with your higherself. 

  • Past Life Experience

  • Deep healing in the white light

  • Your payment is for my time and I do not guarantee reaching your higherself if you are not ready. 



What to Expect

After we take time together to discuss your concerns, I will guide you into a pastlife experience to gain insight.  

Once  you are deep enough in trance I will call forward your Higherslelf and ask the collective to start a white light bodyscan for healing. 

I will then take time speaking with the collective to answer  pre determined questions you are concerned about. 

Once complete I will gently bring you out of trance.

Sessions are Video'd and recorded . You receive audio verson only. Videos' are created with your concent if you wish to share your experience to help others. (Your face will be blurred and no private info diuldged. 

Intuitive Readings

​Messages from the Collective

  • Investment - $125

  • Readings are done from a distance without you being present

  • You can let me know the main concern  you have prior to your readng

  • You will receive a full recording of your reading in a dropbox link. Please sign up for dropbox  here

  • Approx. 35-60 minutes of information from your Higher Self.

  • Accurate, life changing information is brought forward for your spiritual growth.(reading emailed) 

  • Clients have noted both emotional and physical healing after a reading

  • NEW if guided by the collective you may receive a Body Scan also.