Angel Fire Reiki
Intuitive Quantum Healing

When you allow yourself to let go of all your stress, worries and concerns and sink into the deepest state of relaxation during a Reiki session, you give permission to your higher self, the Angels and the Masters to release the darkness. Dense energy is  hidden in your body which is not allowing you to live your highest potential and ignite the natural self healing abilities your body has. Having a Reiki healing session will allow natural healing to begin.

When Suzanne Facilitates a Reiki Session, she is divinely Guided and connects with the highest source. Suzanne works with the Angels, and Jesus and her many teachers, to bring forward the best possible healing session that is meant for each client. 

It is not uncommon to receive messages from the collective and crossed over loved ones who also join in and deliver imperative information for the client, creating a big shift and release of 

hidden or stuck emotion. 

Suzanne has helped hundreds, of clients internationally, in person and over Zoom in her Qshi Sessions (Quantum Soul Healing Integration) and one on one intuitive healing sessions. 

Energy Healing

What is Reiki:

Reiki has been known by many names in different cultures over the years, Ki, Prana, Chi and  Lifeforce Energy. 

Reiki has been around since long before the days of Jesus. The miracles he performed during his days of walking on this earth, continue to bring awareness to the healing power available to man.

Anyone with a Pure heart, who has the desire to channel God's white Light Rainbow Energy  will bring balance, healing and Light force back to a broken body and soul.  


Reiki is administered from the hands of a practitioner, to a client, through light touch ( or no touch) while the client is lying or sitting , fully clothed. 

Intuitive healers will be guided to specific locations on the client, that may hold a denser energy and need clearing. However, Reiki energy is intelligent energy and will seek out the lowest vibrations to raise the frequency to match its own. 

Many people can detect the energy flowing through their bodies. Some people feel the warmth and the heating up of the practitioners  hands, or tingles or as pins and needles. Some people don't feel anything at all, and that is perfectly fine. The energy will still do its job, whether it is felt or not. 

Benefits of Reiki: 

Reiki assists in the body’s natural healing processes, and develops emotional, mental, and spiritual     well-being. The Results are very positive for people living with the ailments listed below. Many have gained positive adjustments to their mindset, emotional state, physical pain and  mental clarity. 

Suzanne has been witness to many unbelievable healing taking place with her clients. 


Reiki can help bring balance and healing to: