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Christmas Spirit

Angel Fire Reiki Transfer

- Soul Integration -

Advancing your frequency with the Angels

2020 Christmas Upgrade

Sunday Dec 27th 7PM EST 


Your Investment

$24.95 USD

approximate time 11/2 - 2+ hours

Angel Fire Reiki is a continually evolving energy gifted to us from God.

During the last transfer of 2020  you will received the highest frequency each of you can handle and are ready to integrate at this time. 

 What's Included 

  We will take time to chat,discuss concerns and catch up with eachother. Many or you return time and time again to connect and commune with your tribe, and I am excited to host the

Angel Fire Reiki Transfer one more time. 

Your Requirements & New Guidelines

Headphones & Video Camera Access.


(I will want to see all faces I am connecting with)

If I can not see you, entry to the room will be denied.

Once Mediation starts you will be free to turn off your camera.


Please Note -  there will be NO replay so PLEASE do not sign up unless you can attend.

If you fail to show up you can apply your payment towards another event or session, no exceptions. 

Why is there a price increase?

 I pay a portion of your investment  to the musician who provides the music. I also pay for zoom and my website in USD. I am always charged in USD instead CND, which costs me more.  From this point on fees will be in USD to save me exchange and bank fees. I appreciate your understanding, I offer many of my services for Free and offer continued FREE advice and help via email and messaging. 

Angel statue