Angel Fire Reiki Transfer

Healing Meditation


Saturday March 13th 11am EST

Suggested Donation of  $20 or more is appreciate and will apply to: 

Your donation pays for: 

2 meditations for the Angel Fire Reiki Transfer

$5 to pay Prosad, I use his music in the meditations.


The remainder After Paypal Fee will be donated to  Marylisa to help 

her with her many cases in Dominican Republic. 


We are trying to raise money for 2 surgeries approx $800

One for a person with a broken leg, the other a person with a broken arm. 

Details will follow when I have more news on that. 


All donations are documented, however these are free gift offerings, I cannot give receipts, but you will have your paypal receipt as proof.


Also, on and your name will be added to my Blue Light Angel Page 


This is a small project for me, and honestly, I'm the only one working on the website and doing the transactions etc. So updates are posted as I have time (I also work full time) Eventually I envision a crew of people joining this project, helping souls around the world!! 


After all - That's what we are here for! 

Please note I will have future events, that have no fee and many have already been or will be FREE.


If you are unable to afford to attend this transfer, it is ok, you can join in a future one at no charge. :)