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Healing Begins in the Heart Space

Welcome to my page! I am Suzanne, and this is Sophia. She is only a pup,

but starting to learn about her part when I do healing sessions. :) So far so good, 

she has figured out it's easier to ground in the energy, and sleep by the Reiki Bed, than to be curious about the energies that come into my healing space to assist. 


I work for God our Creator, with Jesus and the Angels.  

I have awakened my skills with continued learning, education

and guidance through spiritual awareness.

I have grown over the decades to help Humanity in a number of ways,

 bringing clarity to those who connect with me in the way they are guided.

I hope I can help you on your journey!

Make sure you take advantage of all the free meditations provided, from the White Light Body Scan Healing Meditation Series. More than 8000 participants in the First Meditation!  Here

I welcome feedback, and questions, if you care to contact me below. 

Kind Regards, 


White Plants

Indepth  Readings

Let Suzanne connect to the Highest White Light Collective for you. You will receive exactly what you need to hear in this moment! Gain insight and truth for better, health, mindset, and spiritual growth! 

The collective is coming through stronger than ever and I look forward to connecting for you!
love and hugs, Suzanne


Your reading brought me to tears, happy tears of joy. When you said the Elohim are coming in my entire body lit up with chills and the most amazing feeling of love...JP

What Clients Say

" I've gone to the Crystal Cave #2 ~ I don't have words to describe how marvelous I feel or my feelings of gratitude ~ I love you Suzanne ❤ I found your music too ~ lovely"


Quantum Healing Chamber 

Create Your Own!

Go deeper with your healing and create your own 

Quantum Healing Chamber.

As Guided from the Angels!

White Sand and Stone

'Thousands of people  have experienced and participated in Suzanne's 

White Light Meditation Series and you can too! 

Reconnect with your essence and enjoy the healing benefits that are transported through the ethers to integrate with your Soul's Signature frequency. 

White Light Body Scan 

Healing Meditation Series

"Hi Suzanne! Love your meditations. I have done them all a few times..."

"Oh my goodness, that was amazing! So powerful, Suzanne

 thank you, thank though, thank you..."


Classes -

Healing with  the Angles and the White Light Collective! 

Online Interactive:

This class will be a combination of 

  • lecture

  • discussion

  • meditation

  • video

  • and instruction​

  • Full day class

  • Manual Included (to Download)

  • At the end of Class you will understand the basics                            of Reiki and how to facilitate a session. 

  • Certificate upon completion


I welcome these methods of payment

e - transfer (Canada) 

PayPal : White Dragonfly Healing


Crypto Currency  


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